About Us

The health benefits of meditation are well known. Ancient and Native peoples have used the Flower of Life and other sacred geometric patterns in ways that utilize their healing power. Our programs offer a venue where people of all ages and capabilities can express themselves through this healing art while experiencing the benefits of meditative therapeutic principles.

People that might consider attending our programs include those struggling with health issues such as stress or burnout, anxiety and/or depression. Our classes are beneficial to people of all ages and in any state of health.

We are artists who see the value in art as a communication of love and a way to tangibly show others how we feel about them.


In her 20 year medical career, Karen Hamilton, MD practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gynecologic Surgery and Women’s Health in the Midwest and Northwestern U.S. After her retirement from medical practice, she pursued education and training in various natural healing modalities as a way to help her deal with worsening arthritis and other health issues. She created LovingKindness Art, a business devoted to fostering the benefits of meditative art. She teaches classes to veterans struggling with PTSD and continues to practice meditative art extensively as a healing therapy for herself. She describes her process as follows:

“In my own meditative art practice, I prefer to focus on someone while making a piece of art for them. I then let my creative instinct guide me in producing something that shows them how I feel about them. The results are often so beautiful that I surprise myself!”